Precalculus-Algebra 2

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Precalculus – Algebra 2

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Precalculus Review – Algebra1

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Precalculus Review – Algebra1

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Introduction to Calculus

Calculus is the mathematics of change. Calculus helps us to understand the changes that happen in motion or growth or where variations in one quantity produce modifications in another. We use it to study important geometric properties of curves, such as their tangent lines and the amount of area they enclose.

 Before studying calculus, the book briefly reviews topics from precalculus mathematics that are necessary for the study of calculus beginning with inequalities, equations etc… The book also discuss some important functions that happen frequently in applications of calculus.

To say that the concept of function is important in calculus is an understatement. It is the backbone of mathematics and the base of calculus.

 Calculus can often successfully attack applied problems in science, engineering, economics, and the social sciences that cannot be solved by the means of algebra, geometry, or trigonometry if we represent physical quantities in terms of functions and then apply the tools of calculus.

In the next post we will start studying Algebra in precalculus review.

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